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Protein Shakes

Buy your Protein Shakes from Legends Nutrition - the number one choice for protein shakes online. We have several brands of protein shakes including Syntrax, Optimum Nutrition, Reflex, All Max, PhD, Gaspari, Hyperstrength, Anabolic Designs and Muscle Pharm.

How will I benefit from protein shakes?

It's important to keep the protein levels in your body high when exercising if you want to build your physique. Protein is used by the body for the build, repair and maintenance of lean tissue as well as being responsible for almost every bodily process including the metabolism and the transportation of nutrients.

Protein shakes are used by body builders and those doing intensive exercise as a way of supporting lean muscle growth, strength and recovery. At Legends Nutrition, we have protein shakes in a variety of forms - from 100% pure whey protein shakes to blended high protein shakes. The formulas of the protein shakes on offer at Legends Nutrition are designed to maximise tissue generation and recovery over a prolonged period of time.

Whereas protein shakes have been criticized as unnecessary in the past, there is now evidence that protein shakes are superior to whole foods. Protein shakes enhance muscle hypertrophy in the 1 hour window following intensive exercise. At Legends Nutrition, you can buy protein shakes in powder form ready to blend or readymade. Drink your protein shakes after workouts and maintain a lean physique with Legends Nutrition.