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3 yrs ago we decided to expand our Buisness. We had been doing really well with the sports nutrition store in Newcastle under Lyme. and realised the people wanted to visit a shop for a look at the products and to get straight up advice.

We signed the lease for the new Nutrition Store on the Monday, we hadn't even been to the shop when we recieved a phone call at the Newcastle store from a so called Independent energy broker. Energy search also known as Commercial Energy. Both of these firms have been either set up by the best friend and best man of the MD of BES Utilities or registered domain names by employees of BES Utilities (we have since found out). So it's not a shock to find out they reccomended and told us we'd be better off with BES Than N-power (who already and still do supply Newcastle). At this time we're in the belief that in 21st century Britain there must be some kind of regulator that prevents an ''independent'' broker from calling out of the blue to supposedly run through prices (all recorded) and tell you someone is cheaper if they're not? Surely if you later get bills TEN times higher than N-power bills you'd surely have a case with the regulator? WRONG!!!! Apparently the buisness eenrgy market and comparison/brokers are not regulated. So providing the broker is ''INDEPENDENT'' You're F**ked. The company BES can and do claim they Accepted the lead from a third party who's got nothing to do with them? (bearing in mind Andrew Piley (MD OF BES AND FLEETWOOD TOWN) Is best mates with the MD of Energy search and his sister set up the busines with companies house commercial energy!?

If you're still following that's great LOL. We then started to complain, however BES thinking we were a one shop band tried to put us out of Buisness by disconecting our supply when we refused to pay any more than we would have paid N-power! We've never refused to pay, we are only prepared to pay what we would have paid had we been with N-power in the first place, who i informed them the day they called i intended to stick with N-power. By putting us out of business they presume you're going to fade away. Not so Lucky BES. We're still here. The Newcastle MP Paul Farrely unlike his Conserative W**k stain ounterpart Lefoy in stafford is fighting like a Lion. He's demanding BES Have their licence suspended. having read a few reviews from business owners all over the UK he was horrified. For me i've lost faith in the goverment completely. I challenge Lefoy to explain why he's been so pathetic. The man isn't fit to hold such a position and the people of Stafford need to realise just how useless he is in a fight..

Not only have we lost a great littl shop, The customers we had for three years have expressed great sadness at losing us. The surrounding business owners were friends and we brought extra foot fall to a small parade of shops. In this day and age of failing shops we were up against it with everything without being ripped off by a dodgey energy provider like BES Utilities, We urge all business owners to inform eevryone they can about this company, They're a disgrace and i'm certain sooner or later someone will end up in prison.

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