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Anyone who's been training more than 10 yrs will be familiar with Dymatize. Going back a decade, Dymatize was one of the top 6 brands any supplement-using, aspiring athlete would have listed as an essential brand. By that, we mean, if you were going to open a nutrition store in 2008 and someone said 'name 6 brands you couldn't do without?' the following would have been listed in various order format: Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Gaspari, USN, MuscleTech and Dymatize. Infact, Dymatize, Optimum, BSN and Gaspari at that time stood out in their own little group.

We used to sell so much Dymatize Elite Whey Protein, we had to plan orders weeks in advance. Dymatize was always ranked alongside Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey in terms of quality, with the added plus point being, it was around £7 cheaper per tub. The UK importers at the time for Dymatize didn't have their heart in the sports nutrition market. Dymatize chose to distribute the brand through a health food wholesaler, but unfortunately for Dymatize, for us and for the loyal customer base Dymatize had, they didn't understand the competetive market of the sports nutrition world. That lead to uncompetitve pricing at times, failure to react to offers elsewhere and slow off the mark with new flavours and new products - one example being Dymatize Elite (Cookies and Cream). They sent out thousands of samples of Cookies and Cream, their brand new flavour. We tried it and it was absolutely fantastic.We handed the samples out to everyone, so orders and requests started to flood in. When we tried to pre-order the new flavour, we were told ''we're not importing it as we don't think cookies and cream will sell." 

A few points here:-

1. It will sell because it tastes amazing and almost every customer who's tried it, has asked us to save them a tub, or sometimes two

2. It's not as if Cookies and Cream is a weird flavour is it? It's now our 5th most popular flavour behind chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla. If it had been Pistachio, or walnut and lime, or something equally non-mainstream, we'd have understood

Decisons like this forced some Dymatize customers to import their own via the grey market. This eventually put pressure on the official distributor to hit their target and eventually Dymatize withdrew from the UK market, with the intention of relaunching with a new UK distributor, but other events caused a delay and it never happened. Dymatize then went through a re-branding exercise causing a further hold on importing to the UK - finally, thankfully, Dymatize is back on shelves in the UK.

We also must mention ISO-100. Anyone who knows bodybuilding knows how well respected ISO-100 was. There was a rumour going around in the '2008 Mr O' corridors that 9 out of the top 10 were actually using Iso-100 pre comp.