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As many of our customers and regular supplement users may know, Allmax is a Canadian brand. Without a doubt it's Canada's premium supplements brand. However, gaining market share in overseas markets can be tricky, as all sorts of factors come into play. Mostly boring stuff that the average guy or girl in the gym doesn't really want to bore themslves with, but they effect our customers' ability to get hold of the supplements we love that work.

We'll list a few examples:

1. Ingredients can be fine in Canada or the USA (as with Jack3D or Nutrex Hemo-Rage), but in Europe, or more specifically in the UK, be banned and therefore render the product useless

2. The exchange rate can go up and down, sometimes making the product increase in price. An example is the cost of the dollar in 2005, made the price of importing US brands change significantly over a few months. At the time, BSN and Gaspari were so popular that the idea of losing them just wasn't an option. Superpump-250, MyoFusion, No-Xplode and Syntha-6 were just going crazy. It's fair to say that the taste of Syntha-6, and later MyoFusion, are the reasons we now have great tasting Protein. No-Xplode and Superpump, quickly followed by Labrada Supercharge, kicked off the pre-workout market. Luckily this made it impossible to stop the flow, as people were prepared to pay the extra. But that's not always the case. These days, post Brexit, a big price-hike is likely to put off businesses from importing products and that means we don't get the joy of trying them

3. As previously mentioned - Brexit. A UK/Canada trade deal is likely to happen, but Allmax have, up until recently, imported all their products into the EU. The UK market, like ourseles at Legends Nutrition, then buy it from the EU. This makes it tricky - we're buying in Euro's and having to take care of the VAT etc. Then we have to ship it from the EU, which can take 24 to 48 hours longer.

Now we're faced with Brexit, Allmax have decided to invest in Britain. They're opening a UK distribution site, taking on UK staff and importing directly from Canada to the UK - no more middlemen getting in the way.

We at Legends, think Allmax deserve credit for their faith in the UK by creating jobs and they obviously believe in the UK market and the British customer base.  In fact, during the past 10 years or so since Allmax first started to ship to the EU and offer their products to our market, they've held back on some lines. For example, the range was too similar to a brand in the EU, so it was never brought in. Now Allmax have decided to bring it to the UK. We're also happy because a UK warehouse means a UK point of contact, so when we're running low on Isoflex chocolate, or Hexapro cookies and cream, we can just call a UK number and speak to an agent directly, so supply and stock issues will undoubtedly get much better. That means we can promote Allmax more, safe in the knowledge that we can get the products and have the support we need.

We can do better deals with Allmax, meaning better deals for the customers, and, last but not least, we can grow the brand and increase the range we offer. We currently only stock the biggest and best-selling lines, like Hexapro, Isoflex, Quickmass, Razor8, H-vol A-Cuts and Rapidcuts (some of them in limited flavours). We can now increase the range we offer - Allmax Allwhey, Classic and Gold (in all flavours), Aminocore, Carbion and new flavours of A-Cuts.