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Applied Nutrition

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Here at Legends Nutrition we've always had a good relationhip with the guys from Applied Nutrition. We liked the products going back to the Critical Pump days.

Since the brand was relaunched and the new owners invested significant amounts of money into new products it's safe to say it's up there with the likes of USN and Reflex. The big selling point is Applied is British owned and produced here in the UK. That means it's not at risk to significant price increases if the pound fluctuates on the market. So in short after the Brexit vote, not only did we start to promote it (and other UK brands like Boditronics and Efectiv) But it beame cheaper to export. So you'll now find Applied and other British brands more widely available in Europe and furtherafield.

Applied launched Critical Whey a few years ago and have recently improved it. It now contains Hyrdrolysed whey and isolate aswell as the normal Whey Concentrate. With less than 2g of sugar and registered on Informed sport (tested for athletes) you can't dispute the product.

Apllied Nutrition are working on new prodcuts and ways to improve existing products all the time. We've listed below all the prodcuts that are new or recently improved and you must keep an eye on for new products. We'll beat any UK pice by at least %5 with free postage.

Critial whey (recently improved)


Critical mass (new Formula coming soon)

Diet whey (Recently launched)

Vegan (more flavours than anyoe else in category)

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