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Canada is known for having some of the biggest best and most well known Supplement brands. The most well known are Muscletech and Mutant, Closely followed by Interactive (commonly famous for their Mammoth lines) and PharmaFreak. However, anyone who's been to Canada will tell you. Visit any Gym or Supplement store and you'll see More Allmax Products than any other Brand. It was that very reason we first eevr sought to get Allmax into our stores. A visit to Toronto Many years ago turned out to be a working trip. Since then it's been one of our favoutite brands. Due to unreliable distributors Allmax hasn't really been marketed to the british public well enough. We want to change that.

We're going to do more reviews on Allmax products, Starting with Quickmass. Allmax Quickmass 12lb available in 4 flavours and at £47.99 is a fantstic product. The following Bullet points are what you need to see

. Made with Complex Carbs inc sweet potato, oat fibre and Quinoa

. 3g of sugar per scoop

.New flavouring Technology

.proven 3:1 Carb to protein Ratio

.100% free of artificual colours

.100% Whole protein Source

In our Opinion there is no better Lean Mass Gain product on the market

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