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What is the most important meal to a body-builder?

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You are what you eat. Muscles are made in the kitchen and in your supplementation not in the gym. Eat Big to get big. Don't forget 1.5 grams of protein per 1lb of bodyweight.


Just in case you didn't get the memo, nutrition is an essential component of fitness. In addition to providing the fuel to lift the weights, food also provides the body energy for the necessary growth and repair. While you should keep your goals in mind every time you sit down to eat or prepare your supplements. Some meals are more important than others.


If we asked you what you thought the most important meal of the day was? You'd probably tell us breakfast. Or post workout. However, in our eyes at legends Nutrition, you'd be wrong.

We're not crazy, just logical. the most important meal of your day is your pre workout meal. WHY? Simple! The pre workout meal is the one that determines how hard you can workout in the gym. You can't drive a car without fuel in the tank FACT. Your body is no different.

Even though supplement companies and your friends know the importance of pre workout nutrition (take for example the explosion in recent year in the pre workout market BSN No Xplode, Gaspari Superpump, Jack3d the list is endless.) What they fail to realise is, the meal you eat before you workout hasn't even fully digested by the time you're running to your car or locker to get your Protein Shake down you. 

You can spike your insulin through the roof after lifting, but it's not going to change what's already working its way through your system.

Just for clarification, by pre workout meal we don't mean. The creatine-caffeine products, we're talking about a proper meal about 1hr 30 minutes before training.  Eat a balanced meal, consiting of protein, Carbohydrates and fats. try to make the bulk of the calories from the carbohydrates. Your body relies on the glycogen stores to power you through your workout. Remember low GI carbohyrdrates are essential in this meal. You also need a good amount of protein. If you do rely on supplements choose a blended protein with Whey and Casein.