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Applied Nutrition critical Whey Price decrease

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During the last few weeks we've had constant bad news in terms of price increases on most protein products. The Biggest brands are the biggest and worst Culprits, Namely Optimum Nutrition (Glambia) BSN (Glambia) and USN. It's mostly been blamed on the commodities market and the increase in protein price? This seems a little unjust given the price increase has been 20% in some cases. yet a quick look at the price of protein over the last 5 yrs and the increase seems to be around 4.7%??? 

Anyway at Legends we've already been activel looking to buy in more British based and manufactured brands since last june. Due to the brexit vote we realised the strength of the pound could be affected for a while and buying British gives more stabilty on price. Also there are british brands that are every bit has good has Optimum BSN USN Gaspari and the rest. Boditronics is made by MP-Bioscience. They own the plant that manufactures lots of Products for other companies. It's an informed sport tested Facility! We took on Boditronics last year and it's been a success. Applied Nutrition is tested for Athletes, tastes absolutely fantastic and offers a prodcut Range to match anything else out there. The price is good and it doesn't compromise on quality to keep the price low. Then we have Efectiv Nutriton. Efectiv whey is probably the best tasting Protein on the market and for a calue prodcut it tastes amazing. Efectiv recently launched Their premium Whey, It absolutely rivals Gold Standard for quality, less than 0.8g of sugar and 24g or protein inc isolate per serving. it's got 75+ servings per tub and it costs below £40 per tub. You can't say no when faced with such stats.

So Boditroncs, Appled Nutrition, and Efectiv Nutrition are all British and all available at Legends. We're soon taking on Sports Asylum aswell.