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The Warrior Project LFT-SHT

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When it comes to sports nutrition and supplements, the experts here at Legends Nutrition have years of experience in helping our customers achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to build mass, lose weight, or simply want to supercharge your workouts, The Warrior Project LFT-SHT can give you the boost you need. 


Boost Your Workouts with The Warrior Project LFT-SHT


A powerful pre-workout formula, The Warrior Project LFT-SHT is the most potent on the UK market. We guarantee you won’t find a stronger boost for your workouts! Pre-workout formulas like The Warrior Project LFT-SHT are precision engineered to give you what you need for explosive strength and laser sharp mental focus.

This industry leading formula contains optimum levels of the following ingredients:

300mg of caffeine keeps your mind sharp, ensuring you’re alert, at your best, and ready to take on your workout.

Amp HCL stimulates your central nervous system, helping increase the power of your workouts. Furthermore, it increases your metabolic activity. This means you will burn more calories and fat than workouts without The Warrior Project LFT-SHT.

100mg of schisandra gives the formula nootropic qualities. This improves your mental clarity and performance. It also acts as an anti-catabolic compound, minimising muscle loss.

2000mg of beta alanine slows the build up of lactic acid in your muscles, and can therefore increase your workout capacity.

1000mg of tyrosine releases a boost of dopamine into your system. This gives you a feel good factor, and makes your workouts even more enjoyable and effective. 


Is The Warrior Project LFT-SHT Right for You?


We don’t just supply sports nutrition and supplements, we also use them ourselves in our day to day lives; so if you’re not sure which option is right for your needs, just call us! We’re always happy to discuss your goals, and recommend products like The Warrior Project LFT-SHT to help you achieve them.