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The pre workout revolution

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The original two pre workouts we all remember that started the first war. BSN NO-XPLODE and Gaspari SuperPump 250. I remeber the first time i set eyes on BSN NO-Xplode (the original and best) it came in a box, The box contained a tub and about 9 samples of Syntha-6 and cellmass.. I absolutely loved No-Xplode. I also couldn't believe the taste of Syntha-6. I was constantly trying to put size on in 2006 and around that time. So i thought it was a good addition. I'd been using Met-RX and USN at the time. They'e both improved their taste over the yrs. Back in 2006 they tasted terrible. BSN Syntha-6 was revolutionary. No-Xplode tasted great, i loved the Lemonade and Lemon and Lime. It seemed to take the gym by storm everyone was on it within a few months. Then along came Gaspari MyoFusion tasted Great and according to the label it was far better than Syntha-6 (i never did believe the label) Then Superpump. I tried and used both for the chaange now and then but always preferd BSN. Within months it was like the 80's coke v pepsi thing, everyone either used Gaspari Superpump or BSN No-xplode. I was firmly in the BSN camp with the No-Xplode.. Now look at the market, every brand does a pre workout. After protein it's the second biggest market.. In fact the craze now is for most brands to do 2 or 3 pre workouts. Especally those offering a Pump Based Pre and a stimulant based Pre. Like Jekyll and hyde, warrior project with Varicoe and LFT-SHT..

I'd love to see the original No-Xplode come back. happy days. 

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