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Not Just a Faceless Brand

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From the intro above, we have to say the reason we took on The Warrior project was exactly that. These guys came half way accross the Country to talk to shops and other people in the supplement industry. Most of the big corporations either have the money to send an area sales rep or they send you a blanket email. USN sent rep after rep to get back into our stores. The reason was we decided not to sell it a few years ago when they tried to force  the price. They came crawling back.. We much prefer to deal with guys like these, You know they care about their prodcuts and want them to be the best. You won't get a stronger pre workout that LFT-SHT Non stimulant, it's got the very best ingrdients. If you want the buzz then Varicose is on a par with the original Pro-Supps Hyde.. We're waiting for feedback on the new Diced fat burner but we have every confidence it'll be up there with the best on the market like Grenade and Animal Cuts.

Legend and Swole are designed to increase your testosterone, Both work differently but give great results. You can read up we absolutely love the swole. Endure is a fantastic BCAA with added electrolytes. If you compare Endure to something like USN BCAA or Optimum Nutrition Train and Sustain it's a much better product..

We thin the guys at Warrior project are doing a great job and we're convinced they'll be around for a long time

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