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Gaspari June 2015

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After a few Years of Turmoil and a few Bad Decisions, Gaspari is back to its Glory days of the late 00's.. in 2008 to 2010 there wasn't another brand anywhere near Gasoari when it came to innovation and exciting new products.. The biggest and most exciting were, The original MyoFusion, Superpump 250, Size On and Plasmajet..For reasons non of us will ever understand they changed Size On, Pre Contest and Max performance. People didn't like the new Formula.. They Changed Superpump250 for Superpump MAX.. Which on paper was better, but everyone aid the 250 worked better??? Then the biggest blow was the change to MyoFusion, the new Prebiotic just bombed!! Hardly suprising becasue The Original MyoFusion was so popular it was like Ford deciding to stop making the Focus tomoorrow? Didn't make sense? So they brought back MyoFusion Elite in an attempt to recapture the former glory and win bck the customers! That was a Failure, completely actually. We're honest here it gathered dust we had to sell it off to recoup our money.. Then there were Rumors Gaspari were in fact in serious trouble and going into administration! The rumours were True.. A series of bad decisions from the board had driven them into a brick wall.. However, Rich Gaspari is a very well liked and respected genuine guy. He was determined his company could rebuild itself and return to its past glory.. So with the backing of a friend within the Supplements Indusrty, together they took the Company out of chapter 11 administration and set about returning gaspari Nutrition into the powerhouse it used to be..

So First things first, They Decided to makesure MyoFusion really was Put back to how it was. A few Months before Gaspari failed they'd launched MyoFusion Advanced. It hadn't really taken off, but that was largely due to Gaspari being doomed and having no money to market the product. So being as it was a clean slate, the new co decided to Tweak the Packaging and improve the product now they'd got the financial backing. They improved the taste massively and included Hrdolysed Whey into the ingredients. Added BCAA'S and Gluten free. 25G of protein and low Carbs.. We can absolutely assure anyone reading this, the new MyoFusion is every bit as tastey as the original. I personally hate Strawberry, the only Strawberry i ever liked was the original MyoFusion.. We held a tasting and sampling event in store and i absolutely loved the Strawberry MyoFusion. The feed back was fantastic. We opened Strawberry, Peanut, Choc Mint, Chocolate and Banana. Everyone who tried it either purchased it or returned to purchase it.. The sales have been fantastic and repeat customers are coming back for MyoFusion.

Gaspari then made the fantastic decision to relaunch Superpump 250, rebranded as SP-250. It's matched the sales on jekyll and Hyde by Pro-supps which is amazing. Again the customers are coming back for the product..

We can honestly say Gaspari is back and many more exciting products are in the pipeline..

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