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Gaspari Superpump 250/ SP250

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Well where do we start with Gaspari? Somewhere around 2007 to 2010 they were possibly the biggest thing on the planet in the world of Supplements, MyoFusion was the best selling Protein blend, Superpump 250 was more popular than it's main Rival BSN's No-Xplode, Plasmajet was rated very highly by serious gym goers. Aminomax 8000 and Anavite where both popular and mathing any rival.. Where did it go wrong? Well Superpump was changed for Superpump Max? It was ok but the feed back in our store and in the gym was simple, people liked 250 more, although Max was ok and still sold ok.. The big change came with the change of MyoFusion, It was met with outrage, like Volkswagen suddenly scrapping the Golf it was unexplainable? We still don't know the politics behind that decision, rumours and lies spread by people with an agenda are always rife. We believe gaspari genuinely thought they'd improved it! But after the takeover of the company, the new owners (who already worked in conjuction with Rich Gaspari) have decided to get back to basics.. Lets see how things go, but if you liked the old MyoFusion or Superpump 250. You need to try the new SP250. I've always used No-Xplode since the 250 went. But having tried the new SP250 I can honestly say i'm back on the Gaspari Bandwagon..


Steve (Legends Nutriton)

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