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BSN Amino-x Review

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Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAA'S are crucial. take for instance you're in the middle of your workout, your muscles are crying out for fuel. The best thing to take during training are BCAA'S. they bypass the liver and go straight to the muscles to do one thing BUILD MUSCLE. This means you're starting to build and recover whilst you're training. But it's just as crucial to atke during the day before and after training and citical on non training days. The good thing about the new Powdered BCAA's that have exploded onto the market the last few years is this. You can add them to water and sip them throughout the day. No matter what you're doing we all need to take on fluids regular. Add some of your BCAA powder to some cold water and sip away. remenber BCAA'S are muscle building blocks. You can't get big or toned without building muscle

Onto our choice we've chose BSN Amino-X. Fistly it tastes great and that helps if you're going to be sipping it all day everyday. More importantly. EVERYTING in it is micronised. people don't realise how important this is. It's why we pay more money for Ultra filtred isolate protein. When it's micronised and broken down to be so fine it absorbes into your muscles so much easier and quicker. BSN Amino-x Contains 10grams Of BCAA'S The L-Citrulline is micronised, the Taurine is Micronised. I personally don't use anything that's not ultra filtered. I's rather pay extra and know i'm getting the best. After all if i'm going to the effort of training 5 days a week i don't want to be wasting my time. I want results and my supplements are as important as the hours in the gym

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