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Our best Selling Intra Workout products

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The reason We decided to start this feaure is simple. people find it interesting to know what's selling the most and what are the trends and why?Things can change so rapidly from one month to the next. They can change for massive reasons also. A good advert in Flex (a few years back we had a run on MRI due to an advert in FLEX) or becasue of a really good promotion, (an extra %20 off always helps) or recently becasue it was discovered that lots of pro Bodybuilders favoured one product in particular even though they're not spomsored by that brand, they all used it due to it being certified with it's ingredients.

1-Allmax Aminocore This product especially Blue Raspberry Flavour as been selling really well ever since this years Body power show. It's a bigger tub than most of it's competitiors. the massive surge in sales was thanks to a candid admission of a pro top 10 Mr O competitor that he favours it and so do amny other of his rivals?

2-BPI-Sports BCAA. The ingredients don't really stand out massively from its rivals but it tastes amazing and BPI is a brand people in store seem to like when they look at it. They've got a great range and they do some fine products.

3-BSN Amino-X. Basically it's BSN and it tastes great, it's also Effervescent and it's the only one. The ingedients are again not the absolute best but they're good. Not badly priced either.

4-Efectiv Nutrition AIM. Still a new brand and up and coming. The ingredients are actually better on the list than it's competition but because it's a new brand still needs the ingredients and price pointing out. When people look they tend to try it. Well priced too.

Those 4 make up for most of our sales at present. Gaspari Aminolast, SCI VATION Xtend Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and a few other sell in bits but the main 4 are listed. MRI WAR was our favourite but the lack of flavours and the supply issues made it difficult to keep up with

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