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Key times to take protein

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Key times to take protein.

-MORNING MEAL after sleeping all night we usually wake up hypoglycaemic,  it's a good choice to use a fast absorbed protein at this time like an isolate. We Highly recommend Allmax IsoFlex.

POST EXERCISE  I use a blend at this time We especially recommend BSN Syntha6, the quality of the Carbs and the protein are second to none.  Isolates are quickly absorbed and the concentrates remain available for continued absorbtion.  I usually use protein and carbohydrate after training, because your blood sugar is lower it slows for a greater absorption rate.  Try for a protein that has high Glutamine and branch chain amino acids available. 

BEDTIME casein protein is a great choice before bedtime as absorption will be over an extended period and will help stabilise insulin levels thought the night. If you're on a budget and buying a seperate Supplement is not possible BSN Syntha6 is a great alternative, it's designed to release into the system over a 6 hr period. If you're worried about the carb content so late at night then Gaspari Myofusion is a great alternative. Half the Carbs and great tasting 

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