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Cellucor C4

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We've been asked why Cellucor C4 seems to be so popular when an online Youtube review says it's actually got very average ingredients?

Well first up. Everyone is different, what works for one guy might knock someone else sick or send someone wired.. But from the honest feedback from our customers and the sales figures we can honestly say they really speak for themselves. I personally like and use BSN No-Xplode. It works for me and i like the kick it gives me when i drink it. I also feel a good pump. C4 tassted great but i didn't get much from it. Having said that The guys who work for us all like it. Also we have a dedicated customer base for this product. Same faces in store every month. The variation of flavours is also very good. Behind BSN No-Xplode, Gaspari Superpump 3.0 Cellucor C4 is definately a close 3rd. BPI-Sports 1MR is the challenger for that top 3 but so far C4 is holding it's own.

Far from being a glorified Caffeine drink which the pre workout and fat burning categories are full of at the moment, this product is designed to not only provide an immediately noticeable boost in motivation and mental focus, but it also provides a significant enhancement to muscular pumps, explosive strength, and increased endurance for rep after rep of hard sets.

C4 Extreme also includes vitamins such as C and B12, the former of which can provide antioxidant protection against the greater demands you’re placing on your body, while also helping to stem the tide of the muscle-wasting stress hormone cortisol.

This combination of high-level ingredients helps you in turn to work harder and longer so that you can be at your very best every time you set foot inside the gym.

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