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Exercise and Mood

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For some of us we've all had that Day where we could think of a thousand things we could be doing other than going to the gym! For some people every gym Session involves that battle, some people just can't stand the place. But they go out of duty vanity and for health reasons. At the end of the session we all feel much better.

Exercise is a proven mood lifter, it enhances the part of the brain that releases certain types of endorphines and Serotonin with other feel good chemicals charging around the bloodstream, and regular exercise is even reccomended by docors to fight depression.

American Scientists have cracked a secret that can make exercise even better, and it's something that a lot of us are already doing. The team rounded up 85 participants and divided them into four groups. Two groups got to watch TV and workout at the same time. With one group watching a TV show they liked and the other group watching a TV show they didn't much care for! A third group workout out with no TV, while a fourth group watched TV without training. Participants filled out questionaires that ranked their mood, both before and after their allocated activity.

The study proved what we already knew-excercise alone is sufficient to improve mood. While mood amongst the TV watchers remained stable, the three groups that performed excersise all reported a hightened  mood after working out.

The study also found-an enjoyable distraction during exercise significantly heightens post-exercise mood over exercise only, and over a distraction that the participant does not enjoy. So while we can take all the pre-workout supplements we like and there are many of them. I use BSN No-Xplode or Bpi-Sports 1MR. It's probably just as easy and cheaper for some people to get the right entertainment sorted.

Positive reinforcement is something that is more important than we give it credit for. It's a well known fact that those of us who learn to enjoy our training are more likely to stick to it and end up in a schedule we stick to. Ultimatley helping us reach our goals. So Make yourself an awesome playlist or get that spot in front of the TV, the benefits are worth it. Remeber also. There is nothing wrong with listening to the Rocky sound track, Burning heart, eye of the tiger, hearts on fire and no easy way out are awesome songs..

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