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New BSN No-Xplode 3

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BSN No-Xplode 3. Our review. One of us tried it for a full week and didn't like it. Much prefered 2.0 Another member of our team today announced he thought it was fantastic and it gave him an amazing pump? For me, i've always liked the Fizz you get from No-Xplode. The new formula isn't as fizzy. So we guess it's like everything else, each to their own. We all react different.
Content wise we need to list what's in both.
Ingredients per 50g serving or (2scoops)
No-Xplode 2.0 No-Xplode 3
Creatine Mon 4g 3.4g
Beta Alanine 1g 2.6g
Caffeine 250mg 300mg
L-tyrosine 130mg 1.0g
Taurine 25mg 1.0g
L-arganine 1.3g 6.0g

The above are the Main ingredients that both have. 2,0 contains MCT'S but they don't list MCT'S in the new formula. The new also contains black pepper extract which gives it a taste kick but no the fizz. So far we haven't been given a date for the UK release but we think September. Neither have we been given the price. I'll be stocking up on 2.0 to last me a year or so. But i'm sure people will soon get used to the new formula. The other half of legends Nutrition likes it so iguess it's 50% 50% so far. We'll run a poll when it gets released. Feed back from our customers will be interesting.

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