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Over the last few months we've taken on some new and exciting brands and new products from more established and older brands.

Here are a few examples:  

Arnold series: although it's part of the Muscle Pharm family, it's really managed to stand alone due to the man himself having his name on it. Anything that's good enough for Arnie to put his name to must surely be good. Well the whey really does stand up - it's excellent, ultrafiltered whey protein, low in carbs low in calories, excellent protein, low fat and great tasting. The new flavours - strawberry, banana and peanut butter cup have gone down really well. Iron Pump has recieved mixed reviews, but that's always the same with pre-workouts.

BPI-Sports: everyone seemed to like 1.MR, and Pump-HD had more positive feedback than negative. So we decided to get the full range in, including the Whey-HD. We actually tried the Vanilla Caramel Whey-HD and, in our opinion, it tasted a bit chemically. Even though it's very good in terms of quality and protein content, we didn't much like the taste, but as with everything, opinions differ because the majority of customers have said they really like it. Blox - we liked the taste, refreshing with a good BCAA profile compared to its competition, so a thumbs up from us. We've also done really well with the B4 Once Daily Fat Burners and Stim Elite. Roxylean seems to be the strongest fat busting product on the shelf.

Pharmafreak: we already stocked the tablet range like Test Freak and Ripped Freak, plus Ripped Freak Pre-Workout. We did well with what we had and liked the brand, so decided to try the Protein Freak and Mass Freak. We knew the main competition for Pharmafreak in their home country (Canada) is Mutant. We already stocked Mutant Whey and Mutant Mass. Both Products were significanltly better in taste and quality. Higher protein in the whey and less fat and carbs, less lactose in the Mass Freak, better quality carbs (less sugar) and better quality protein. This gets you bigger, without the fat.

We've also started working Closely with  ALLMAX. We first discovered Allmax on a trip to Toronto a few years back. It was obviously a favourite with the guys in the gyms we used. So having a keen interest i went in and out of a few Supplements stores and realised it was Canadas most respected brand. Easy to see why. A vast selection of products with top of the line ingredients and no cutting corners on any of their products. From old school products like D-ASPARTIC ACID, BETA ALANINE and LIVER DETOX to the more mainstream products like Allwhey quickmass and the fantastic ISOFLEX. We actually prefer isoflex to Dymatize ISO100. 

The final new product we decided to take was Gaspari Superpump 3.0. We have to be honest and admit we had little expectations after the mess Gaspari made of the Myofusion product and the failure of Superdrive. However we are delighted to say Superpump 3.0 has had overwhelmingly good feedback from the customers. I'd estimate 95% of the feedback was positive. Let's hope Mysofusion gets the same feedback when it's relaunched later in the year. 

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