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Gaspari Myofusion Advanced

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MyoFusion Advanced Facts

Over the years, there have been various versions of Gaspari’s flagship blended protein powder, MyoFusion. Some have been more popular than others, Basically we all liked Myofusion, then they changed it to the Pre Biotic with brown rice protein, higher carbs higher sugar less protein and minus the hydro whey and tried to tell us it was new and improved? But Gaspari has always been open to customer feedback and criticism Apparently. If so why's it taken 3 years or more to put it back and where are the old flavours? Gaspari are soon to release the latest MyoFusion powder dubbed MyoFusion Advanced.

MyoFusion Advanced Review & Ingredients

MyoFusion Advanced takes many cues from the existing Myo Fusion Elite formula, and combines a premium blend of high quality protein sources with variable digestion rates. The new formulation will contain whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, micellar casein, and hydrolysed whey protein. This blend will provide amino acids to muscles for a sustained period of time, making the product extremely flexible and user friendly. The new MyoFusion, much like its older brother, will be competing directly against the likes of MusclePharm Combat and MuscleTech Phase 8.

Other than a change in protein sources, Gaspari have also completely removed the Amino Blend, which includes ingredients such as glycine and taurine. These ingredients have had a mixed reception from consumers and other members of the industry. As such, Gaspari took note and decided to remove them completely. This could be to save money or improve taste? Gaspari have got a long way to go before they can win back the trust and loyalty of their lost customers. They've had a massive return to form with the new Superpump 3.0 so lets wait and see how the new Myofusion advanced goes down with everyone. We won't be happy until we see the return of the Banana and Cookies and Cream Flavours. We need to wait and see what the price is like also. Price is king these days more so than ever.

MyoFusion Advanced Release Date

No release date has yet been set. We are unsure if it will be a replacement for the MyoFusion Elite, or if they will run besides each other. If it is a replacement?

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