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Efectiv Whey new Flavours

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One of the big selling points for most protein is the availabilty of new and varied exciting flavours. We recently told a big overseas company that the boring selection of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours was basically a little tired and they are running the risk of losing customers. We know what it's like. You hit the gym 5 days a week on average, you need to keep hitting the protein, yet the one you've found you like only does 3, at best 4 flavours. Eventually you start to try different brands. Sometimes you get lucky and find one that mixes well and tastes great. Sometimes you peel off the lid and take that first shake and you get that sinking feeling, you know the thought: i've got 70 more servings of this to stomach otherwise i've just wasted £40...That company, even though they've established their brand well, have decided they're sticking with the 3 flavours for now. So we were amazed when Efectiv Nutrition, a relatively new brand, launched 4 new flavours. We'd heard the rumour that lemon flavour was coming. But 4 in one go is really bold and forward thinking. We tried the 3 basic flavours and liked them all. So hopes are really high on these new flavours - if they're anywhere near as tasty as the original flavours, then it'll keep people really focused with a varied selection for the next few years.

Efectiv have also launched a ZMA and Loaded Muscle Fuel all-in-one this year and the brand looks as though it can really be set to take on the big players like USN and SCI-MX.

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