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misleading pricing practices

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We noticed recently that some of our competitiors are doing sneaky tricks like (1). Displaying a price Like Biox Power whey £34.99 but when the customer got to the checkout supprisingly got the total of  £41.98 apparently inc the VAT. That's a clear and crafty way of appearing on the price comparison sites that are springing up as the cheapest. it's un-ethical and annoying to any customer. Customers want to see how much it is. VAT and exc VAT is purely there for Buisness purposes, the public when shopping need to see the price they'll pay. (2). Not making it clear you're going to charge £4.99 delivery or whatever? Example we've seen tonight Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey 5lb £49.99. That's a very competitve price for Gold Standard these days. (if you're sending it for free) Add the sneaky £4.99 and it becomes 54.98, about the average. Again good for google search engines and coming up as the cheapest.. (3) Appearing at the top in the search for BPI-SPORTS Whey-HD 5lb £39.99 then when you click through to the site they don't even have BPI? clearly a trick to get people to the site and hoping to catch you with an alternative brand they do have!!

We Ship for free to the UK mainland and we don't appear on searches for anything we on't have. We don't sell free samples either we give them away when we have them. We also do not add the 20% VAT right at the end. It's inc in the price like it is at the supermarket lol. Our website is run by regular people for regular people. We pride ourselve son being honest and competitive. All our brands are UK/EU compliant and not brought in through alternative means to avaoid taxes. We stock the best brand, the most cutting edge and the most exciting. If we don't have it ask us we may have just missed a trick and oor customers in lots of cases are like us. They love their training and supplements. The Supplement market and nutriton world is massive and we're always looking and listening for something new.

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