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Unbiased Supplement reviews.

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The reason for this piece and article came about after a conversation in store one day. A customer asked for a certain brand, i said i have it but for the Money i'd recomend something else. He said but every product they do came in the top 3 on a supplements sites awards. So it must be fantastic hey??? I explained it's an ok brand, well packaged well presented, a little bit naughty on the labelling on the front of the whey (misleading people into thinking it's got 90 servings of 36g of protein). So we got looking and there are a whole host of wensites claiming to be unbiased (one of them contacted us to advertise for a fee), clearly once you start charging supplements sites and nutrition companies to advetise you're starting down a path where you end up with a finamcial agenda. Even a well known magazine we all read has an ''under the microscpope'' article every month. You have to look very close to find out it's a paid for ad!!!

We want people to give honest feed back on our site. We don't and have no plans whatsoever to launch our own brand. We feel it's just too competitive out there. Too many big brands offering excellent products and some not so good brands offering rubbish products at cheap prices.. We want to consentrate on what we know best. Selling the Likes of USN, BSN, Gaspari, Optimum Nutriton, BPI-Sports and the rest at the best possible prices. Legends Nutriton was set up becasue the owner has and always will have a passionate interest in the world of supplements and training. The Nutriton side is every bit as important as the hours you spend in the gym. We have no problem telling people which brands and products we like and use. I personally love No-Xplode, i've tried so many pre-workouts and always ended up back with BSN No-Xplode. Cellucor C4 i liked but i'm back with C4. I loved Superpump250 but never liked the Superpump max. Protein wise i'm forever trying something new. i do that so i can give my customers the best possible opinion on taste, mixability, texture, ingredients and efectivness. If i was to choose my protein of choice now and wasn't allowed to change i'd have to narrow it down from Allmax Allwhey, Optimum Gold Standard whey, Bpi Whey-HD Or the newly formulated Smart-tec. Smart-Tec whey FX now includes Hyrdolizd Whey. it's had an increase in Price obviously but it's a fantastic protein and tastes good.

So we're going to be inviting fed back and as long as people don't lible themselves us or anyone else and keep it clean we will display comments and reviews. Not like a certain website who don't display and negative feed back on their own brand. We want somewhere that people can get honest opinions.

Steve (MD Legends Nutrition)