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Efectiv Loaded 4kg is a direct challenge to the market leader USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic. It has similar stats in most areas but tastes incredible and mixes much better than it's rival. Initially available in Chocolate Strawberry and Vanilla with more flavours in the pipeline. It's Much much better value for Money. Typically retailing for around £10 less. In our opinion it's a no brainer. Everyone wants to get the best possible value for thier money especially since VAT was added to sports Nutrition. We're like everyone else, we want products we'd be happy to use ourselves at the best price. We've tried efectiv Whey (i;m curently using Vanilla) and we like the taste of all 3 Flavours. 

We're looking forward to more lines from Efectiv, if the Whey, MASS and Loaded Muscle Fuel are anything to go by then i'm sure this brand will go from strength to strength in a very competitive market. Only the strong survive, we're sure Efectiv Nutriton will take their place at the top table of leading brands over the next few years.

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