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TEST FREAK Captures Testosterone Booster of the Year award!


PharmaFreak’s TEST FREAK was awarded the prestigious 2012 GIGAS, “Testosterone Booster of the Year” award, during the European Supplement Awards held in Germany.

PharmaFreak’s testosterone booster, TEST FREAK® gained new ground in Europe.  With the ever-growing popularity of all things fitness, in Europe, the popularity of testosterone boosters has significantly risen in the last 2-3 years.

Enter the, “GIGAS Nutrition European Supplement of the Year” awards.  These are prestigious awards that are presented by, and sponsored by, “GIGAS Nutrition”, which is an online supplement and training hub, located in Germany.

PharmaFreak’s TEST FREAK was awarded this year’s, “2012 GIGAS Testosterone Booster of the Year” award.  TEST FREAK works to raise natural testosterone levels to their maximum potential via 7 unique compounds.  Patented, “TESTOFEN”, and “TRIGOTEST” take the lead in offering clinically-proven testosterone stimulation.  TEST FREAK also offers a potent dose of the most bioavailable form of Tribulus, and a clinically-proven dose of zinc.

What about DHT and Estrogen?  TEST FREAK has that covered too!

Each serving offers full clinically-proven doses of the 2 most effective anti-DHT compounds available.  It also offers the most potent combination of 3 clinically-proven anti-aromatase compounds exclusive to the TEST FREAK formula!

It is these 7 unique compounds that have come together in TEST FREAK to produce the world’s strongest Testosterone Boosting supplement.

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