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The simplest and quickest way to get sports nutrition, weight management supplements and body building supplements online and within and around Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme or Staffordshire. Take advantage of our amazing body building bundle deals including our best sellers,Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey protein and BSN Syntha 6, for getting the perfect body you've always dreamed of.

Our Recommended Brands

Allmax Nutrition has been a leading supplier of supplements for many years. Their rigorous research studies have resulted in a line of products that have gained the trust of thousands of dedicated professionals, trainers and amateur athletes who have chosen to make high quality nutrition a part of their life. Legends Nutrition supply a wide assortment of Allmax nutrition, such as Allwhey, Isoflex and Aminocare to help you achieve your fitness goals.

PharmaFreak creates the world’s strongest supplements from clinically-proven ingredients. All PharmaFreak supplements such as Protein Freak, Mass Freak, Ripped Freak and Test Freak all adhere to the highest level GMP quality control standards.

Boditronics has been going for a long time. They were taken over last year by MP-Bioscience who are a food and supplement manufacturing company. They make supplements to the specification for other companies and supply the actual raw ingredients. So taking over an established company like Boditronics made perfect sense as opposed to creating their own brand from scratch. With fantastic established prodcuts like Mass Attack Juggernaut, Mass Attack Heavyweight and Express Whey, they simply just needed to add a few new lines, repackage a few lines and improve on some existing lines. For example, Express Whey Diet has been improved, as has the blend in Express Whey. Red Mist Pre-Workout has also been improved and is selling really well with positive feedback.

BPI Sports supply sports nutrition products to sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders across the globe, with sister brands Image Sports, EXT Sports, Pro Nutra, Brain Pharma and four times Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler's 'Cutler Nutrition' all forming part of their umbrella. Legends Nutrition stock a huge selection of BPI Sports products for you to choose from. BPI best sellers are 1.M.R, Whey-HD, Solid Blox BCAA and A-HD.

Bio X - Nutrition Zone manufactures and distributes Bio-X Performance Nutrition branded products and offers the greatest range of athletic supplements in the industry; ranging from protein powders, ready-to-drink protein and energy drinks, high protein nutrition bars (very popular due to zero sugar content), weight gain and weight loss aids as well as athletic performance supplements. All Bio-X products contain the best possible ingredients. Legends Nutrition recommend Power Whey Complex, Nitro Juice and Protein 32 Bars.

Efectiv Nutrition provide high quality supplements at affordable prices. Efectiv Nutrition products ensure you are getting the nutritional requirements you need for intense workouts and sport. Efectiv are passionate about delivering the best formulas at the best value. Their single purpose is to develop products that help deliver the results you expect to achieve when you invest in supplements to improve your performance and physical goals. Products such as: Efectiv Whey, Efectiv Mass, Loaded Muscle Fuel and Efectiv AIM.

BSN Has always been a massive favourite of ours. Since it burst onto the scene in 2007 when Ronnie Coleman was the face of the brand. NO-Xplode has always been a top seller and it's maintained it's following. NO-Xplode is now upto mark 3 formula, The new Formula at the moment is proving very popular.BSN Syntha-6 doesn't even need to be introduced. It's simply a top quality product and it's unrivaled  for taste.

Gaspari Nutriton. Have had their ups and downs. Superpump-250  was a really good prodcut and gained a massive fan base when it was launched. When Gaspari Changed it to Superpump MAX the feed back was mixed. However the recent launch of Superpump 3.0 has been a massive success. That combined with the launch of the new/old MyoFusion ADVANCED which is basically the old and much loved MyoFusion, Gaspari seem to be back. We Also really like Gaspari Aminolast

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