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Welcome to Legends Nutrition

With stock of all the most well known and established brands, competitive prices and a user-friendly comprehensive website, we hope to satisfy your requirements in just a few short clicks.  Alongside the more well known brands Like USN, BSN, OPTIMUM NUTRITION AND MAXIMUSCLE. We also have all of the most well known and cutting edge brands from around the world. MUTANT and PHARMA FREAK are exceptionally well known Canadian brands and very poplar in north America. In fact MUTANT WHEY and Mutant MASS are well up our list of best selling products in their respective category. PHARMA FREAK is our fastest growing brand, MASS FREAK is a very strong contender to MUTANT MASS and you can see the effort PHARMA FREAK have made to knock MUTANT MASS off top spot. TEST FREAK is now our top selling TEST BOOSTING product. 

We've also had very good feed back on LG SCIENCE New EPIC pre workout and PURE LABS TURBO. Both have entered a very competitive category, NO XPLODE was the original pre workout and created an entire new Category, it now almost rivals Protein in popularity. BSN  NO XPLODE and GASPARI SUPERPUMP are personal favourites of ours and the MD swears by those himself. But unlike protein people seem to swap and try new pre workouts much more willingly than they will Protein. We welcome peoples feed back on all products, it helps us make decisions on what we stock and advice we give. We can't try everything and different products work differently for many people.

Clothing. We're looking at stocking more clothing in the near future. World Gym, Gasp and powerhouse. Watch this space

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on achieving your goals and which products will best maximise your results.