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*The Warrior Project
*Varicose Pre-Workout
*Pump Enhancing Pre Trainer
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Product Description

If you’re looking for a product that delivers the best pumps you will experience, Amazing workouts that you don’t want to end and a pump that lasts for hours after training then Varicose is the most comprehensive vaso-dialator formulae to date designed to give you vein bursting pumps and laser guided focus.

It contains clinical doses of L-citrulline, Agmatine and Taurine alongside huge doses of glycerol (65% hydromax) and arginine nitrate for optimum cell volumisation.

Contains 2g of betaine (trimethal glycine) to promote increases in strength and power

Contains a key blend of choline bitartrate ( 1.5g) and DMAE (300mg) to get you mentally prepared and ready for the workout ahead.

Also contains a B vitamin complex to aid in the production of energy and to reduce the onset of fatigue and tiredness

If you want that pumped Vascular look, without the insane head rush you get from high Stim pre-workouts. Then look no further than The Warrior project Varicose.

We've tried All the pump Pre-workouts/pre-trainer products and this is probably the best. It's fare to say that everyone is different when it comes to pre workouts but you get the consensus from your customers. That's what we feel makes us stand out from the competition online. We started off our Supplement shop with a ''proper'' shop, Not just an online presence. We grew and opened a second store as well as our website. So we get to speak to far more customers than the online competition who are predominantly just online. The feed back from our customers in the stores is very positive with regard to all Warrior Project lines.