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The warrior Project Endure

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The Warrior project
*Intra BCAA £21.99
*Recover quicker, Get bigger Quicker

Warrior Project Endure is a BCAA Intra workout, Designed to help serious Athletes to start the muscle repair/growth before they've even finished their workout.

The Warrior project ENDURE
BCAAs are key ingredients to consume no matter what your sport of choice is whether you’re a bodybuilder, boxer, track athlete or swimmer if you use muscle then BCAAs are essential to an increased performance. BCAAs contain the amino acid leucine which is responsible for turning the body’s “on switch” for MPS (muscle protein synthesis)

The body must consume from the diet what we call Essential amino acids. These are amino acids your body can’t produce on its own. For the body to create muscle protein it requires ALL of the 9 essential amino acids. With the inclusion of the hydrolysed whey protein then we provide the body a source of super-fast digesting essential amino acids.

The combination of the essential amino acids and the added BCAAs results in a superior product that promotes the increased production of muscle tissue.

Contains 3g of hydrolysed whey protein to provide essential aminos

Containing 5.5g of bcaa’s (3g leucine) you receive the optimal dosage to promote increased MPS

Also contains 1000mg of beta alanine to increase workout capacity and slow the rise of lactic acid enabling you to train harder for longer.

Also with added electrolytes to ensure you remain hydrated during your workouts