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Sci-MX Pro 2Go Protein Duo Bars 12 Bars

Product code - Sci-MX Pro 2Go Protein Duo Bars 12 Bars

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The bar that delivers 9-hour muscle support! With delicious double layers for a flavour that would make you want it whether it had 9-hour protein or not!

Formulated for

• High protein snack

• Healthier alternative to many fast foods

• Supports a muscle gain & fat loss programme

Who will benefit from Pro 2Go Protein Duo Bar

• Regular gym users training to increase muscle size and definition

• Busy individuals to help avoid bad eating habits when travelling

• Athletes that require a convenient and high quality food source to replace energy

Why choose Sci-MX Pro 2Go Protein Duo Bar

• Unique light texture makes it easier to eat than other protein bars

• Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colours

• 3 stunning flavours