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Red Shred 90 Capsule

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MRI'S ULTIMATE THERMOGENIC THRUSTER RED SHRED is a highly advanced, thermogenic thruster fully loaded with powerful, clinically tested compounds. This is the most potent, metabolic activating formula that MRI has ever produced. Our blend of compounds has yielded one of the most powerful fat-burning supplements available on the market today. Each dose of RED SHRED ignites a raging fury of calorie-burning, focus-honing, energy- enhancing and fat- metabolizing effects. Key Points - Helps Amplify Calorie-Burning - Clinically Validated Ingredients for Weight & Fat Loss Support* - Thermogenic Rush to Help Metabolize Body Fat* - Improves Mood, Boosts Energy, Mental Performance & Focus - Helps Your Body Burn Fat* RED SHRED is MRI's most advanced thermogenic agent and is fully loaded with powerful, clinically tested compounds. It incorporates an arsenal of potent thermogenic agents that help to thrust the metabolism into the fat burning zone. RED SHRED goes beyond the "burn" with Phase2 Carb Controller, a unique agent that slows carb absorption - giving you an added weight management advantage.