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Mutant CreaKong 300g

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*Mutant Ceakong 300g
*£11.99 inc FREE DELIVERY
*Premium multi-creatine blend
*Build strength & muscle

MUTANT CREAKONG is the total solution for your creatine requirements. A blend of the three (3) best creatines on the planet, sourced directly from the patent holders themselves. This is simply the best pure creatine formula ever. Each creatine in MUTANT CREAKONG is supported by actual human studies, showing increases in lean muscle mass, maximum strength, and other performance markers. This isn't some gimmick formula. CREAKONG contains nothing but the best creatines in the world.

Mutant Creakong delivers only real creatines from the world's leading creatine sources . Creapure creatine monohydrate is patented and widely regarded as the leader in creatine. Creakong also uses the Creapure brand of Tri-Creatine Citrate, and a patented magnesium-chelated creatine Creatine MagnaPower. Creakong real creatines only and zero fillers get real and show your muscles you mean business