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Efectiv Mass 4.5kg

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Efectiv Nutrition
Efectiv Mass 4kg £36.99
The UK'S best price.

Efectiv Mass is very low in sugar for a mass gain product. At £36.99 it's the best value high quality weight/mass gainer on the market. Get big not fat

EFECTIV uses only the latest flavour technologies to ensure you enjoy every delicious mouthful. Each creamy shake is packed with 40g of premium muscle building proteins, energy-releasing nutrients and 199g of energy-containing carbohydrates.

Each serving contains over 1000 calories and a carefully chosen selection of essential vitamins and minerals to support the body’s nutrient requirements during intense workouts and sport. Making it the perfect choice for weight trainers and sports people who find it difficult to consume enough calories to fuel their daily activities or mass building plans.

Use EFECTIV MASS anytime during the day but ideally, before or after exercise in conjunction with your nutrition and training programme to aid in the development of lean muscle, strength & power.

Size: 5.45kg