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ALLMAX HexaPro 3lb

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*Allmax Hexapro 3lb

6 Classic Flavours and 2 new Flavours Cinnamon Bun and Bubblegum Ice Cream available soon

We at Legends Nutrition, believe that Allmax Hexapro is, without doubt, the best tasting protein you'll ever try! Before the evil Empire took over BSN, it was hard to beat Syntha-6 for taste. Since it went, the crown has been up for grabs - let us now what you think - could Allmax Hexapro be the new King of Taste?

We recently had a sampling event with a fully female guest list hosted by ALLMAX. The feedback on Allmax lines in general was very positive. Isoflex A-Cuts, Aminocore and Allwhey went down very well, but Hexapro proved to be the most popular product with all the females present.

Product Information

Allmax HEXAPRO is incredibly rich and thick, and worthy of even the best and tastiest milkshakes on the market. The Cookies and Cream Looks and tastes like Oreo Milkshakes you get in that famous American food restaurant.

We have no doubt that it'll make you re-think Protein.

With a delicious and satisfying taste, HEXAPRO creates an experience that will make you fall in love with Protein all over again and something you'll want to make a part of your daily routine. Getting your Protein fix with this kind of regularity, will help you achieve any goal.


Ask any serious sportsman or woman, any athlete, bodybuilder or fitness competitor and they'll tell you that frequent feeding is essential.

HEXAPRO makes getting extra feedings into your schedule delicious and extremely convenient. It has 6 high-quality proteins which are blended together in an ideal ratio to provide fast, medium and slow delivery.

ALLMAX HEXAPRO delivers truly satisfying protein with a taste that defies the term Protein Shake.

Size: 1.5kg