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Mass Gain

Mass gain Products, At Legends we stock every Mass gainer you can think of. From High calorie High Carbohydrate High Protein Big mass Gainers Like Mutant Mass Or Boditronics Mass Attack heavyweight to the lean gainers Category Like Efectiv Nutrition Loaded Muscle Fuel or Reflex Nutrition One Stop Extreme.

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The mass gain market is probably the most difficult. In fact it's too complex and differs to label all the mass gainers in one category. For that reason we're going to launch a dedicated Lean mass category with low sugar gainers.

For example, Efectiv Nutrition Efectiv Mass has 1g of sugar per serving.

Allmax Quickmass Has carbs Sourced from Sweet potato and it's very low in sugar but still high enough to help straight after a Heavy Session

Then we have Bodytronics MassAttack Heavyweight, It's high in sugar but it has it's own category, Young guys trying to put on size to a small frame need a product like MassAttack heavyweight