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Dymatize Nutrition was always one of our personal favourite brands. Not only did we use it ourselves, but we also had a solid customer base.

The takeover of Dymatize in 2013 and the subsequent re-branding and closure of the original plant in Texas moved the entire manufacturing force to a completely different US State resulting in big delays in getting it back on the shelves.

The UK distribution was made all the more difficult due to the original UK distributor deciding to focus on health food and withdrawing from the sports nutrition market.

So Dymatize now needed a new EU and UK import/distribution set up.

It's taken a while, but it's finally back and ready to take back it's rightful place at the top of the market.

Dymatize Nutrition deserves to be mentioned alongside the likes of Optimum Nutrition, BSN, USN and Animal - the old school top quality brands.

When all the newcomers and pretenders fade away or get sold out for a quick buck/quid, the likes of Dymatize and Optimum will still be here in our opinion.

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Dymatize Nutrition was founded in 1994 and has grown into an industry leader, supplying the highest quality nutritional supplements to millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes around the world! Dymatize is a world-renowned company spanning across 50+ countries.

Producing the safest, highest quality and most efficacious products are extremely important to us. In fact, one way we ensure quality is by having every raw ingredient and finished product quarantined for 3 days while being tested for potency and purity multiple times by our in-house quality control testing microbiological lab to help ensure that the highest standards are met. Each of these tests is designed to deliver the safest, most effective and consistent products available on the market today. For this reason, we believe that Dymatize is one of the most independently tested brands of sports supplements available in the world.

Our commitment to extremely high quality, superior taste and delicious flavors endures. Developing and offering new cutting edge products alongside our already proven product line of 250+ SKUs, we continue to be associated with the top quality products demanded by the top athletes globally.

About Dymatize Sports Nutrition

Beyond providing safe and high quality products, another way we separate ourselves from the competition is because production of our products and manufacturing of powders and liquids takes place in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All production equipment, three separate research and development labs, and four quality control labs are all located in-house. We also have our own flavor lab – that's right, we actually make our own flavors - while most companies purchase a finished flavor from an outside company. Our facilities are NSF GMP Certified for Sport® as well as FDA inspected. We take great pride in the details and construction of our production facilities. Every aspect of the facility design is focused on manufacturing the best quality products.

Because of the cost, most nutrition companies do not own their own manufacturing plants; however, we felt it was a necessary investment to insure the quality of our products down to the smallest detail. Being in total control of the purchasing, processing, blending, and packaging of our own products, we are able to keep prices low, while ensuring the highest safety, efficacy and quality at every step.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality supplements and to the pursuit of Building Better Bodies. Our commitment in time, effort and money is unprecedented in the industry. When you get a Dymatize product, you know exactly what you are getting and that it's undoubtedly the best.