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All In One

All-in-one Supplements were designed to give you everything you need in one easy shake

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The Truth is, the body can't absorb everything in that one shake in one hit. So in truth you're really wasting your money. Best to break it all up. The Original and best known All-in-one was Maximuscle (now maxinutrition) Cyclone. Almost every supplement Company in the UK now produces an all-in-one product. PHD-Synergy. Boditronics-Pro-fusion reloaded, NRG Fuel-TTP. USN make several but Muscle Fuel Anabolic is the main one. Efectiv Nutrition Loaded is the latest and easily the best tasting.
It's interesting to note that it's mostly British Companies who're competing in this market and The companies that are not UK companies make their All-in-one products for the UK market not Europe or the USA.